Madrid Then and Then


Fragments 2

Fragments 1

Commissioned artwork

Mother, Son & Horse, 30”X40” oil

A commissioned portrait for a couple who live in West Vancouver B.C. This is their younger son and is the second painting commission I’ve done for them.

The Younger Son 24”X40” Oil

Part of the Commission.
-He seemed very comfortable sitting on that big horse.

The paintings are a mélange of bits of photos taken in situ.

Play Chairs

I’ve always been interested in Franz Kline’s work and have four play chairs in my studio. I piled them up higgldypiggledy and took some photographs of the pile up. I used this as the basis for my drawing, which I did in red paint pen.

I started panting with dioxin purple on a yellow ground. The purple went very black.


With the introduction of Quinacridone violet. I started seeing a structure emerging.

At this point I’ve really got my composition as I thought it might look like in the beginning.

Here I’ve added Azo red.

More of the same

I’ve added orange as a contrast to the purple. I’ve also started painting the back ground a van Gogh greeny-yellow.

Bit more green.

The back ground is greener then it looks in the photograph. The whole idea was to create a very graphic image instead of a painting that relied on brush strokes and edges, this one relies on form and structure witch is unusual for me.

Play Chairs #1
24″x35″ Oil